Strategic Labor & Human Resources, LLC is recognized for its expertise in the design and execution of strategies in union and non-union labor relations, compensation and benefits, international HR, and alternative dispute resolution that improves profitability and work place effectiveness through people. Strategic Labor & Human Resource clients benefit from our breadth and depth of industry relationships, expert analysis from all stakeholder perspectives that impact client strategies, whole industry experience in the planning process, and solutions to complex problems.

We don’t do everything for everybody, but when it comes to labor relations, compensation and benefits, international HR and ADR we are exceptional at the results we achieve for our clients. Our hallmark for almost 30 years is solving costly complex problems for companies through well designed strategies and virtually flawless execution that others have failed to solve.

We partner with our clients when they are developing forward thinking people strategies to improve profitability, reacting to a costly labor crisis, determining pay and benefit systems at the board or corporate level, developing a cost and tax effective program for going international, and managing controversy to satisfy all stakeholders and avert costly litigation through ADR system design, mediation or facilitation.

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