Labor Relations

CEOs, CHROs and Directors of HR and Labor Relations seek our help to reduce the cost of labor, avoid labor strife or disruptions, increase employee cooperation and commitment, and develop high performance work teams. Often we are asked to solve a client’s most complex and costly problems. Our engagements have dealt with concerns about productivity, rising health care and labor costs, employee disputes and litigation, understaffing and tight time constraints, complex union issues, negotiations, and workplace dysfunctions. We combine expert analysis, highly effective processes, quiet diplomacy and whole industry perspective to solve client problems.

Labor Relations

  • Union & Non Union Shops
  • Assessment of Labor Climate
  • Addressing Immediate/Impending Labor Crisis
  • Labor Strategy in Lean/Multi Plant Companies
  • Negotiations Preparation to Completion
  • Proprietary Labor Database & Costing Protocol
  • Grievance/Arbitration
  • Design/Development of High Performance Teams
  • Merger & Acquisition

Regulatory Audit & Compliance

  • Assess Operation Readiness for Governmental or Corporate Compliance
  • Recommend Corrective Action with Oversight
  • Represent Company in Regulatory Crisis
  • Develop Policy

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