Disruptive Innovation Diagnostic Quiz

    Take this quiz to determine if your company could benefit from a full diagnostic and tools such as people architecture and agile compensation. The higher your score, the higher the risk of losing the war for talent.

    a. My company has problems recruiting technical talent:

    b. My company has well defined talent pipelines:

    c. My company identifies mission critical talent and has strategies for attracting, rewarding and retaining it:

    d. My company has had to pay over the maximum of the range for mission critical talent:

    e. My company has had to assign higher level titles to allow enough pay to attract mission critical talent:

    f. My company has a high rate of offer rejection for mission critical talent:

    g. My company has robust on-boarding for mission critical talent:

    h. My company has higher than average turnover for mission critical talent:

    i. My company has a systematic process for avoiding salary compression for mission critical talent:

    j. My company understands what mission critical talent values and offers appropriate total rewards:

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