Win-Win Negotiations Begin with Better Local Scouting Intelligence

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Periodically companies face renegotiating contracts with their union partners. This is always an important but stressful time for all concerned. SLHR has spent years working with management teams around the country to assist and prepare for their negotiations. SLHR’s clients have learned to expect above average win-win negotiations and it starts simply with a better scouting report… Your Personalized SLHR Negotiating Scouting Report.

SLHR has learned over the years that these negotiations tend to be local but very much influenced by national developments and results. We have also learned that the unions will collaborate with other local unions to learn and develop their individual strategies and tactics. If companies do not do the same and leverage their management community they run the risk of being at a significant disadvantage.

The first step for the company management team is advanced preparation which can benefit by reaching out to other companies nearby to determine from management their perspective on what they faced on their recent (last 12 months) or near future (next 2 months) negotiations.

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To assist with this preparation, SLHR is able to draw from its more than 30 years’ experience and extensive and sortable active negotiation database to provide you with a targeted list of companies in your area that are experiencing similar negotiating challenges. Developing this type of actionable information on your own can take 40 to 100 hours of effort, but now there is a better alternative.

Get personalized negotiation insights from companies in your region
Here’s What You Get!

  • Company name
  • Companies within 50 miles of your location
  • Involved in collective bargaining during the prior 12 months and future 2 Month

Use these companies as the foundation for negotiation strategy and leverage potential new intelligence partners.

    Other Available SLHR Services:

  • Local Negotiation Market Assessments
  • Management Negotiation Alignment & Strategy Reviews
  • Third Part Negotiating/Mediating Assistance
  • Labor Relations and Union Negotiating Best Practice Training

* Available for business customers only. Standard price is $1200. Special Personalized SLHR Negotiating Scouting Report is available through April 30, 2019. This SLHR offer applies for one location only.

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