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Mr. Chiaravalli was able to help Valeo develop and implement a comprehensive labor relations strategy for its union and non-union facilities in North America. In one of our largest facilities that was undergoing extreme restructuring, he recommended payment of those costs through an off balance sheet strategy and customer acceptance of a large portion of the cost. We implemented his recommendations and saved millions of dollars in the process. He has also worked with us on developing collective bargaining strategy, labor assessments of company mergers, safety and health issues, and plant closings, to mention a few. Mr. Chiaravalli has a comprehensive knowledge of automotive supplier labor relations and a network of professional connections that helped us achieve our objectives.

Bruno de Tarle
Mr. Chiaravalli has demonstrated a keen understanding of an array of legal and labor relations topics.  He offers concise advice for management and can translate the often seemingly intractable American labor landscape into practical actions.  His background as both a labor lawyer and management professional in the trenches of labor relations makes him a valued asset in today’s complex labor/management universe.

Adam H. Bloomenstein
Trelleborg Corp
Americas Group Corporate Counsel
I trust Mr. Chiaravalli’s legal counsel and advice. He has a proven track record of winning arbitrations and helping to resolve complex labor issues for me while at United Technologies and Federal Mogul. I would highly recommend Bob due to his extensive experience, performance and firm understanding of the challenges faced in an unionized industrial labor relations environment.

Alan Siepker
Human Resource Manager
Federal Mogul-Logansport, IN
Bob Chiaravalli thoroughly understands both sides of labor-management issues. He has a depth of knowledge on all aspects of this topic and clearly communicates it in ways that anyone can understand. I found Bob to be a valuable resource who can quickly get to the most important points in this field and leave you better informed about what’s going on.

John McElroy
Host of the television program
Autoline Detroit
Over the past several years, Bob Chiaravalli has performed wonders in enhancing the role of the Detroit Chapter of the Industrial Relations Research Association. As program chair, president, and past president, he managed to attract such an exciting group of speakers to address such an important array of issues that attendance became well-nigh mandatory for all of us in the area who are interested in industrial relations. Bob’s drive, dedication, and good judgment are simply remarkable, and the awards and national recognition that have come to the Detroit Chapter are a tribute to his outstanding leadership.

Theodore J. St. Antoine
Former Dean
Professor Emeritus of Law
University of Michigan
Bob was instrumental in mentoring my own personal labor relations development. Working with Bob over several years, we achieved unparalleled success in collective bargaining while forging strong labor-management relationships with numerous international unions and representatives. At UTA, Bob was very successful at achieving then unheard of agreements including: the implementation of benefit cost containment plans, five year labor agreements and several different unions’ written commitment to support continuous improvement activity (lean manufacturing) with their rank and file.

These accomplishments were achieved with many different labor organizations, across multiple site locations during a period of decreasing business revenues. Additionally, Bob established a very successful record while representing UTA in various legal disputes, including: arbitrations, employment litigation and government regulation activity.

A solid, accomplished professional with high integrity who simply gets the job done right.

Alan Swiech
VP of Administration, Akebono Corporation (North America) and
President, AMAK Brake L.L.C.

Kathy helped me look at my leadership, organization and global expansion strategy in a new way. She challenged me to align my HR strategy with my brand strategy and introduced me to world class selection, performance management and reward perspectives.

Roustam Tariko
CEO and Founder of Roust Inc. and Russian Standard (Russia’s largest distributor of premium wine and spirits and top premium vodka brand)
Kathy has provided me with tools and ideas to help me improve strategies and programs in a complex international environment. She has helped align global and local needs to face challenges like skyrocketing medical cost inflation and global pension governance. Since we have an extremely lean staff, Kathy’s nimble, customized solutions have allowed me to move forward as I manage multi priorities worldwide. Kathy is able to crystallize data and ideas into a readily understood format for both management and employees. Her strategic planning has kept our company focused on better managing our benefit costs both locally and globally.

Richard Gwynn,
VP HR Intier
Kathy made a significant contribution to the business. Amongst other things, she reduced international compensation and benefits consulting expense by 80% ($800,000) while implementing programs that better aligned with business objectives. She was a key member of the global reward team who provided valuable North American insights and design ideas that helped shape improved global solutions.

Paul Cox,
Former Director of Global Compensation and Benefits
Allied Domecq.
Kathy gave me the tools and processes to facilitate an easier, quicker, international expansion. She provided a customized, pragmatic expatriate solution to support growth without bureaucracy.

Lori Wathen
Director of Organizational Development and Human Resources
Alix Partners LLC.

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